Mike Brooks Custom Muzzleloaders
A Virginia rifle ca. 1770,   46" .40 cal Getz barrel, Chambers lock and Davis
set triggers. Goehring brass mounts and a coin silver thumb piece set in a
Curly Maple stock.
An early Colonial rifle ca. 1760,  37" .54 cal Colerain barrel, Chambers
"Dale Johnson" lock. Davis set trigger, Brooks butt plate and Goehring
trigger guard set in a Curly Maple stock.
Wolfgang Haga rifle ca. 1765,  40" .54 cal Getz barrel, L&R Classic lock
and Goehring mounts set in a Curly Maple stock.
Faber rifle ca. 1760 - 1770 Virginia smooth rifle. 44" 20ga Oct/round Colerain
barrel. Chambers Virginia lock, brass mounts set in an American Black
Walnut stock.
A Squirrel rifle, sports a 48" .25 cal swamped Ed Rayl barrel. A Chambers
late ketland lock and Davis triggers. All hand forged iron hardware made by
the late Myron Carlson. Stocked in a very hard Sugar Maple. The gun weighs
right at 8 lbs.
Jeager rifle with a 31" .62 cal Getz barrel, Heavily modified brass mounts
with a L&R Classic lock and Davis set triggers. All set into an outstanding
piece of Euro walnut stock.
                                                           "Comet Rifle"
             Has a curly maple stock and hand forged hardware.
A Early Virginia Smooth Rifle. It has a high grade sugar maple stock,
Chambers Virgina lock and a custom Getz swamped 50" long barrel in .55 (
28 bore ) smoothbore. Lots of carving and engraving. Weight is 9 lbs 8 oz.
TICONDROGY rifle. Getz 42" .58 cal rifled barrel. 14" trigger pull,
brass mounted and maple stock. Engraved buttplate and sideplate.
Moderately antiqued and un fired. "TICONDROGY" scratched into
the lower forestock. This is actually a Mark Silver Virginia Kit by
Chambers that I assembled and finished.
My interpretation of a possible "early" or F&I war gun. I used mainly
European styled mounts, architecture and decoration. The barrel is a rifled
.69 caliber swamped 44" with a 1 1/4" breech. The barrel is decorated at the
breech with some very Germanic styled engraving as well as some "folksy"
caricatures bracketing my signature and location. There is a stylized bird at
either end of the signature and a boars head surrounded by a hunting horn.
The front sight is copper and "clenched" into the barrel. The lock is a
German export styled lock and large and single bridled as was the norm in
the early period. The side plate is French from a trade gun, I purposely chose
it as it doesn't quit flow with the side panel and shows that it was reused
from an earlier gun. The trigger guard and triggers are very Germanic in
style. The butt plate is large, 5" X 2 1/4"and has a stepped finial. The sliding
wood box cover is made with out a rear plate. The rear pipe is made in the
Dutch fashion.  The stock is a piece of stump maple, with intense curl in the
buttstock and nearly plain for the balance of the stock. There is a patch on
the lower forestock that covers a large bark inclusion. The stock is
stylistically slightly plump with a very Germanic cheek piece and a simple
volute coming from the rear of the cheek piece.. The carving at the comb is
very dutch in style. The forestock has upper and lower forestock moldings
which I feel gives a nice early appearance. The carving at the barrel tang and
rear ram rod pipe is vaguely shell like and relates to no particular school or
The barrel is by Bob Hoyt, the lock is a Davis Colonial lock. The trigger
guard is a local casting of a casting originating with Reeves Goehring. The
buttplate is also cast locally from one of my own pattern pieces. The gun
weighs 10 lbs 3/4 oz.
Iron mounted rifle in the spirit of the "Faber Rifle". The heart is a 47"
swamped Getz barrel in .54 caliber. Chambers Early Ketland lock. Modified
Edward Marshal trigger guard. Home made buttplate, sideplate, nose cap
and pipes. Figured walnut stock with sliding wood box cover. Upper and
lower forestock mouldings with lock mouldings, tang carving, comb carving,
buttstock mouldings as well as a bit of carving behind the cheek piece. The
sideplate, buttplate and top barrel flat are engraved. Moderately aged
overall. Weighs about 9 1/4 lbs. This is gun #300 for me, sort of a milestone
I have been looking forward to.
Early rifle stocked in walnut and mounted in brass. The butt plate is hand
forged from sheet brass. Sliding wood patch box cover. "C" weight Rice
barrel in .54 caliber 42"long. 14" trigger pull. The gun is new and unfired
with moderate antiquing.
Iron mounted rifle. Getz 42" .50 "C" weight swamped barrel. Chambers
Ketland lock with Davis set triggers. Curly walnut stock. Coin silver thumb
escutcheon and rear pin inlays as well as a coin silver inlay for my signature
on top of the barrel. 9 1/4 lbs.