Mike Brooks Custom Muzzleloaders
English Georgian Pistol ca. 1770 - 1780.  9" 20ga Getz
octagon fading to round barrel. Chambers English pistol
lock, sterling silver mounts and an English Walnut stock.
A pair of British Horse Pistols ca. 1760.  10" 22ga (60cal)  
octagon fading to round Getz barrels. Chambers English
locks and English Walnut stocks.
An American Pistol ca. 1760 - 1780. 7" 50 cal
smoothbored Getz barrel. Chambers pistol lock,
brass mounts
New England pistol. 10" Rayle oct/round barrel. Curly walnut stock
with a Chambers "Dale Johnson lock. Home made brass mounts.
English Doglock pistol ca. 1640ish. 13 3/4" .50 cal oct/rnd. barrel.
Overall length is 19 3/4". Total weight is just under 2 lbs. This is a
Rifle Shoppe kit I assembled and antiqued.