Mike Brooks Custom Muzzleloaders
1st Model Brown Bess built from Track of the Wolf's kit. Heavily
distressed. 46" Colerain Barrel.

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French Fusil De Trait. ca. 1740's. 46" 20 bore barrel Brass mounts and walnut
stock. Hand forged brass butt plate.
This is export quality English fowling piece in 20 bore. 44" Colerain
barrel and Walnut stock.
This gun was inspired by # NE 9 in Grinslades book. It has a 47 3/8" 20
bore Hoyt barrel and all hand forged brass mounts stocked in curly maple.
Weight is 6lbs
This is one of my New England "Liberty" guns. No butt plate , side plate or
entry pipe. Its stocked in curly maple with a 47 3/8" 20 bore barrel. Aged
finish and weighs slightly less than 6lbs.

Carolina gun stocked in beech. 42 5/8" 20 bore barrel by Bob Hoyt. All hand
wrought brass mounts. Distressed finish. weight 6lbs.
This gun was inspired by a gun made by the same hand as the famous "Faber
rifle". 48" 20 bore barrel by Getz. Stocked in a nice piece of walnut. Weighs
about 7lbs
Another of my Carolina guns. This one is stocked in a nice piece of walnut
with curl in the butt. Getz 20 bore barrel that is 47 9/16" barrel. All hand
wrought brass mounts as usual. Weight is 6lbs 2 oz