Mike Brooks Custom Muzzleloaders
"Military Guns"
British 1776 rifle. 28 1/2" .54cal Colerain barrel, Rifle Shoppe parts set. Stock
was made from an English Walnut blank.
French Cavalry Carbine. The Rifle Shoppe parts except for the butt plate which
was made by me. The stock was an English Walnut blank.
French Buccaneer ca. 1720.  60" 20ga Coogle barrel, modified Chambers
Ketland lock. Butt plate was made from sheet brass and the trigger
guard is a Brooks casting. All set in a Beech stock.
British Wall Gun. 60" Coogle barrel with a 1" bore. All parts
except the stock and barrel are from The Rifle Shoppe. This gun
weighs 38 lbs.
German Jaeger ca 1750 - 1790.  28 1/2 " Getz .62 cal rifled barrel. Davis new
Germanic lock. Home made pipes, nose cap , side plate and butt plate.
Trigger guard was cast locally from an original. American black walnut
stock with a 13 3/8 trigger pull. The gun weighs 7 lbs even. Guns like these
were used by the Hessians during the Revolutionary war.
stock as well as his initials "CG" on the toe of the butt stock. The Thumb piece and butt
plate are unit marked for the 53rd regiment of foot, an Irish unit that served the Crown
during the Revolutionary War. The butt plate return is also marked "CAPT
BERNARD" which may have been a British unit Captain or possibly an American unit
commander. The barrel is marked "VIRGINIA" denoting property of the state of
Virginia at some point. The British proofs on the barrel have been defaced with a cold
chisel and rasp. The present lock is a model 1756 which replaced a long ago worn out or
damaged model 1730 lock. The lock mortise has been nicely adapted to the new lock.
There are a series of "tally" marks on the comb of the butt stock.
In reality I bought this Bess already assembled with some problems and poor inletting
that needed fixing. I re inlet ed all the parts including the lock and now everything fits
properly and the lock is an exceptional sparker. I believe this to be a Rifle Shoppe 1st
model Bess of the 1730 pattern that somehow ended up with a model 1756 lock, maybe
the builder had access to the '56 lock and TRS was slow sending the '30? It has had a
sliver of wood inlet ed at the tail where the banana shape of the 1730 lock once was. It's
very well done and hardly noticeable.
It is 10 bore with a 46" Colerain barrel, 13 5/8" pull and weighs 11 lbs. I did all the
antiquing on this gun and it is completely sound and ready for service.