Mike Brooks Custom Muzzleloaders
An English Fowler  ca. 1755 . 50" 16ga Getz barrel, Chambers lock set in
English Walnut. The thumb piece and side plate are sterling silver.
A New England Fowler  ca. 1760 - 1780 . 44" 20ga Getz barrel, RE Davis
lock set in Cherry. Butt plate was made from sheet brass. Relief carving is
edged in silver and brass wire inlay.
An English Fowler  ca. 1760 . 48" 11ga Getz barrel with .035 Jug Choke.
Chambers lock and hardware set in English Walnut. Sterling silver thumb
English Blunderbuss ca. 1755. Brass 18" 11ga barrel. Chambers English
lock, brass mounts, sterling silver side plate and thumb piece and an
English Walnut stock.
English Fowler, 46" Hoyt .28 ga barrel. Chambers lock, Sterling silver side
plate and coin silver thumb escution.  Brass mounts with early style
checkered wrist on an English walnut stock.
Pre Revolution Pennsylvania Fowler. Colerain 46" .16 bore barrel. Chambers
lock and Goehring mounts set into a black walnut stock.
A left handed Carolina gun. Caywood lock, Hoyt 47 3/8 barrel. English walnut
stock, this gun weighs just under 6 lbs.
English Fowler, Colerain 42" .12ga barrel with a .015 jug choke. English walnut
stock, all the hardware is from Chambers except the sterling silver thumb piece.
English Fowler, sports a 47" all round .20 ga Hoyt barrel. Chambers lock and
mounts, set in a quarter sawn English Walnut stock.
                                "R.E.Davis French Fowler"          
This gun was put together from a R.E.Davis French Fowler kit. It has a
48".20ga Ed Rayl oct/round barrel and all hardware is from Davis. The
engraving was cast in and about half of it on the butt plate had to be recut
by me after fitting it to the stock. I added some carving around the breech
and lock plate areas and around the trigger guard as well. Also full length
upper and lower forestock moulding. The stock is American walnut and the
gun weighs in at 8 3/4 lbs.  The weight is mainly in the big 1 3/16" breech
area. It rapidly tapers in both the oct and round sections. It has a very light
muzzle and holds and points well.
European Blunderbuss  has a 20" 11 bore round barrel made by Ben Coogle.
Davis Germanic lock and a walnut stock.
                                "Wm. Moore VII Co."
I made this as a restocked Carolina gun restocked in black cherry, I used all
Carolina gun parts excluding the buttplate and thumb piece. I also clipped
the tail on the serpent side plate as it has a new Ketland styled lock secured
with two screws instead of three. This gun has been given a heavy patina but
is sound in every way and fully function and in fact unfired. Carved on the
right buttstock along the toe is "Wm MOORE" above this using brass nails
is the shape of the numeral "7". On the left buttstock along the toe is carved
"VII CO", and just above that are scratched the initials "TM". There are
numerous scratches dents and patina covering the entire stock and all the
metal work representing several years use on the frontier.
42" 20 ga Hoyt barrel, Chambers early Ketland lock, the brass mounts
formed from sheet brass. The trigger pull is 13" and the gun weighs 5 1/2
                                      "English Fowler"          
Curly Cherry stocked fowler. Getz 44" .20 ga barrel, L&R lock with brass
One of my Fowler kits that was partially assembeled at the Conner Prairie work shop
last fall. I finished it for the owner. It has a 44" Colerain 16 bore barrel, brass
Chambers English lock and Chambers brass mounts. The stock is a piece of
outstanding black walnut. The gun weighs in at 7 1/2 lb's.
A Carolina gun, I assembled this gun from one of my Carolina gun kits. It
has a 47 3/8" .20 ga barrel by Hoyt and a R.E.Davis lock. The stock on this
one is an OUTSTANDING piece of Black Walnut, loads of color from one
end to the other and some curl in the butt stock. This gun weighs in at 6 lb's
2 oz with a 13" trigger pull.

These guns were traded to the Indians by the British in the south and south
eastern colonies from around 1720 to the 1770's
                              Cpl Crispin's "LIBRTY" gun.
In the early days of the Revolution every man in the family between the
ages of 16 and 60 was required to have a serviceable gun and the powder
and ball to shoot it. Many New England families had guns made by local
smiths to outfit a large family of boys and men to meet the requirements.
Made with no frills and many times with pre used parts to keep the price
down but still have a perfectly usable gun. This gun sports a Getz 46" .20
bore barrel and a Davis "Colonial" lock. The trigger is an antique I found
in a parts box at a gun show last winter. The trigger guard is cast from an
old Dutch gun. Curly Black Walnut stock, has a 13 7/8" pull and weighs 6
3/4 lbs. Brand new, never been fired just heavily antigued. Anything that
looks like a crack isn't, the stock is perfectly sound.
New England "Liberty Gun". 46" 20 bore oct/round Long Hammock
barrel. Curly maple stock. Chambers lock. Upper and lower forestock
moldings as well as a little carving at the comb. 13 1/2" pull at 6 3/4 lbs.
I built this gun as if it were originally an export quality english fowling gun
that was broke through the wrist and restocked in the New England area. It
has been heavily antiqued with alot of nicks dents and scratches, it is actually
completely sound and ready for long service. The toe of the buttstock has the
name DIETZ carved into it and the word "KABEK" is scratched on the right
side of the buttstock along the buttplate, indicating possible service in the
Quebec campaign. All parts of the gun are English in origin except for the
trigger guard which was salvaged from a dutch utility musket and of course
the stock is North American curly maple with upper and lower forestock
moldings and some light incised carving at the barrel tang..
46" Long hammock oct/rnd 20 bore barrel. Chambers lock and mounts
except for the trigger guard. Length of pull is 13 7/8" and the weight is 7 lbs.
This is a Club Butt Fowling gun from around the Marshfield Mass. area ca.
1770's. 46" oct/rnd Colerain 11 bore barrel with .037 jug choke. Chambers
Germanic lock, Davis French trigger guard with a curly ash stock. I've been
saving this stock back for the past 30 years for a gun like this as the grain
structure is perfectly bent to the wrist. No butt plate, side plate or ram rod
entry pipe, this gun is intended for the field. The butt measures 5 1/4" X 2
1/16". The gun weighs 8 3/4 lbs and has a 13 5/8" trigger pull. It carries a
hand split hickory rod that is 5/8" at the big end. It has a moderately
distressed finish with some 18th century style carved "graffiti".
Hudson Valley Fowling gun sports a 55 3/4" round 20 bore barrel by Ken
Netting. Modified Davis Jeager lock. Cherry stock. Goehring trigger guard
cast from an original. All other mounts are cut from sheet brass. 7 3/4 lbs.
Dunlaps English Fowling gun kit, 37" oct/rnd Rice 12 bore barrel with
hooked breech. Chambers Ketland lock. Curly ash 1/2 stock.  Mounts are
steel and taken from the original "Robbins" fowling gun. Weighs in at 8 1/2