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Mike Brooks Custom Muzzleloaders
Now on to the butt plate. Rasp away the excess wood at the back of the butt, being careful not to damage the edge of the butt plate inlet.
At this point you need to file a little draft on the under side of the butt plate tang so you end up with a tight inlet. Now you need to anneal the brass butt plate by heating it bright orange and quenching it in water. It's also time to make some square nails. I make these from 3/32" pin stock and just use my propane torch and hammer to forge a nail about 1/2" long, square and tapered. Drill one 5/16" hole in the top of the butt plate then three more on each side of the back side.
Lay the top extension of the butt plate over the inlet and carefully draw around it, then remove that wood and continue to inlet it down until it hits bottom.
Now nail the top nail in. Grab the end of the butt plate and start bending it down, driving in the next two nails.
Drive the nails in at a bit of an angle towards the center so they won't split out of the edge of the stock. Once you have those two nailed, proceed to the next until it's all nailed down.
You can peen along the edge until there is no gap between the wood and metal. I always file the edge of the butt plate to slim down the edge.