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Mike Brooks Custom Muzzloaders
Now it's time to put in the lock. You can make this a left handed gun just by putting a left handed lock on the other side. Caywoods left hand North West lock fits well if you are careful.
I inlet the lock plate lug first then make adjustments in postition once the rest of the plate touches wood. Once you get it where it looks like it needs to go, draw a pencil line around it and start to inlet it.
I leave the nose of the lock a little low and run the front lock screw a little high on the lock side so I miss the ram rod hole. The two lines at the nose of the lock on the stock are where the web of wood should be between the barrel and the ram rod hole. Be careful inletting the lower edge of the lock, there isn't much wood there and it tends to break away if you stab your inletting chisels in to deep in this area....don't ask me how I know....
Inlet your lock all the way down in until the lock bolster rests soundly and tightly against the side of the barrel.