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Mike Brooks Custom Muzzleloaders
The first thing you want to do is un breech the barrel then blacken the back side of it with inletting black. Square up the corners in the breech of the stock and start trying to lay the barrel in until it lays solidly in the channel. You may have to do a little scraping in several places in the barrel channel until it fits. Once it does fit, tap the barrel back until it prints in the breech area. Remove the barrel and take out any wood that needs to be removed. Replace the barrel and repeat the procedure until you get a good solid print all the way around in the breech.
Once you have a good fit, measure your tang lug and remove the corresponding wood on the stock as shown here.
Cut the tang about 2" long, then file a draft on all the underside areas so you'll get a good tight inlet.
Set the breeched barrel in the stock where it needs to go and make a pencil mark around it. Staying inside of your pencil lines start removing wood until your tang and barrel fit down to the level where they should. You will have to bend the tang down some to conform to the curvature of the wrist area.
This is how the tang/breech area ought to look when you're done.