Mike Brooks Custom Muzzeloaders  
A step by step tutorial on building the Mike Brooks Carolina Trade gun.
Page 1,   Breeching the barrel.     
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Page 2,   Barrel lugs.
Page 3,   Inletting the Lock plate.    
Page 4,   Inletting the Lock internals.          
Page 5,   Inletting the Butt plate.  
Page 6,   Shaping the Lock panels.  
Page 7,   Installing the Trigger.
Page 8,   Installing the Ram rod pipes.  
Page 9,   Installing the Trigger guard.    
Page 10,   Installing the Side plate.
Page 11,   Shaping the Fore stock.  
Page 12,   Installing the Thumb piece.

You can leave the barrel bright and polished or blue it. The lock can be polished
bright or case hardened. I usually antique all the metal.

For a front sight I usually use a small piece of brass soldered onto the barrel.
The Carolina gun also had a brass rear sight about 2" from the breech. I
haven't got any of these cast yet, but when I do they will be available.

If you have any questions, just drop me an email at