Mike Brooks Custom Muzzleloaders
                                            "Klette rifle kit"          
A 1770 period Virginia rifle after the "Klette" rifle. This kit is offered in Maple,
Colonial Virginia lock and Davis set triggers. It is offered only in brass mounts.
The barrel, lock and butt plate are inlet and the stock and fore stock are
shaped. Price excluding the barrel and patch box :
$ 700.00 for # 4 Maple.
Other grades of wood are available at extra cost. Call for availability.
                                            "Carolina Gun"          
gun uses a 47 3/8" barrel and R E Davis lock or the 42" Track barrel.  
English or Black Walnut are available for the stock. All the hardware is
formed from sheet brass as were the originals.  
This gun is no longer available
in a kit form. It is only available in the white or finished by me. It is $
for an in the white gun and $
1800.00 for a finished gun. Call for availability.
                                 "Birmingham Export Fowler"          
I am offering stock wood for this gun which can be seen here,