Mike Brooks Custom Muzzleloaders
"Antique Guns For Sale"
Unmarked Wesson type double barrel Percussion Shot gun. Looks like about
a 12 ga. 34"barrels. The only markings on the gun are a 36 on the action,
and a 36 on one barrel and a 21 on the other. LOP is 14 1/4" . The forestock
slides forward and then comes off, never seen anything like it but it works
well. There are a couple cracks in the wrist but they are sound. I believe the
buttstock contains a through bolt that secures the buttstock to the action and
is accessed from under the buttplate. The bores are lightly rusted and would
benefit from a good scrubbing which would result in good shoot able bores.
Looks like steel barrels. $
Middleton 63 bond street London
26" barrels about 13 ga. Good shootable bores. Top rib has been resoldered.
13 7/8" LOP Stock is sound with no cracks. A very light and lively gun.
Marked Swallow on the locks. Conversion from flint with percusion
breeches. About an 18 gauge with 30" barrels. The top rib is lifting and the
key escutcheons are missing. Nice engraving. LOP is 14 1/4" Walnut stock is
sound with no cracks. Excellent candidate for reconversion back to flint.
Marked Simmons on the top rib and London on the locks Converted to
percussion from flint with drums screwed into the breech. 30" barrels of
about 20 gauge. Stocked in curly English oak. One key escutcheon is missing
and the barrel wedge lug needs repair. Nice engraving on the trigger guard.
15" LOP. $